3+ ingredient pancakes

So I’ve been finding all these awesome recipes on Pinterest lately. Anddd this is one of them…


Pancakes with three…count ’em!…ONE: bananas, TWO: egg, THREE: baking powder…ingredients! Oh, and any special add-ins you might want. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about these. And granted, they do not taste like your typical fluffy-butter-soaked-Sunday-morning-pancake. But I actually loved them, and I think if you give ’em a try, you’ll love ’em, too.

Our cast of characters:


One large, ripe ‘nanner, two eggs (I used one whole egg and one egg white), 1/4 tsp. baking powder, and 2 tbsp. mini-chocolate chips. The peanut butter is pictured because I initially thought it’d be delicious to schmear a dollop of PB on the cakes when they were done. But they were so delish on their own, they didn’t need it! Though I will be trying the PB-topping in the near future.

So what to do, you ask? Stick the ‘nanner in your bowl. Mash him up with a fork:


Mash it realllly good. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with recipes that have been using banana as a butter/sugar substitute, and I’ve found that when you whip the banana up enough, it actually looks like creamed butter/sugar. Interesting, huh?

Okay, then add ‘yo eggs. I’m sure this recipe would be fine if you wanted to use 2 egg whites, but I think it needs some fat to hold it together. Which is why I used an egg white plus a whole egg. Add the 1/4 tsp. baking powder, and it’ll look like this:


In the meantime, don’t get distracted by the gorgeous chocolate chips…

IMG_2758Now I added my choco-chips directly to the batter. You’re supposed to add the chips once the cakes have been cooking on the griddle and start to bubble. But it all worked out just fine for me.


Yummm. Looking delicious! I don’t know if anyone else uses this trick, but whenever I’m making pancakes, I always put the oven on at a supa-low 170 degrees and stick the pancakes in there on a oven-safe plate as they finish cooking so they stay nice n’ warm. Can’t be eating cold pancakes, now. No way!

I made the pancakes by spooning a tablespoon or two of batter onto a griddle sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. Cook them on medium heat, and just be sure that they’re fully cooked on one side before flipping because they are a wee bit thinner than your typical pancake. I’m thinking, though, that if I had whisked in my baking powder a little bit better, they would’ve had more height to them. Or maybe if I had added a little more baking powder….but that will be another experiment for another day 🙂


In the meantime, I decided to make a “strawberry syrup”. Basically just defrosted frozen strawberries in the micro, mashed them up as they defrosted, and it’s a yummy topping for pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, toast, you name it.

And…the finished product! And devouring it all while sitting in gorgeous 70 degree weather.


And…..I totally ate them all. No shame, no shame.

IMG_2776Because, really, when you think about it…which is sorta cool in my dietitian-brain…what did I just eat here? One banana, 2 eggs, choco-chips, and baking powder. Heck yes, I’m eating all of ’em! And man, were they DELISH or what. The chocolate chips make them sweet, so you really don’t need syrup or even my strawberry syrup mash. They basically tasted like chocolate chip banana bread that had been flattened out. Yum. I’ll definitely be making these again – maybe next time with cinnamon and walnuts 🙂

IMG_2765Oh, and the messy aftermath.

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